Paul Harvey and now you know the rest of the story.

For years every day at noon Paul Harvey would come on the radio. This was one of the high points of my day and I tried to not miss it. I was in sales at the time.

Noon was a dividing line in the day and time to eat but also I looked forward to hearing the rest of the story. Paul Harvey had a way of telling his stories. He would start with something and then he would tell a back story and then end with “and now you know the rest of the story”.

In fact they called it the rest of the story with Paul Harvey. I was thinking about writing this post and I wished Paul was telling it. If you remember these days, check out YouTube to hear Paul’s voice telling his stories again.

This story starts with Buddy Holly. He was one of the pioneers in the new style of music which became know as rock and roll. He called his band Buddy Holly. Just as Elvis and others used the lead singer’s name only. There were also some bands that had names, like Bill Haley & his Comets.

Buddy and and his band recorded a demo tape and sent it off to a record company. They made this tape in the garage.

But there was a sound in the background that they later discovered was crickets in the insulation of the garage.

The record company called to say they were going to use the tape and make a record and see if it would sell. Over a telephone call the man from the record company asked who was making the sound in the background. Buddy said it was crickets.

This was a historical misunderstanding over a not to good phone connection. He was being asked if the band had a name. When the records came in the mail the label said Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

That stuck and they became famous. So famous that when a different band was trying to think of a name for there band. Well it turns out they liked Buddy Holly and the Crickets. And they thought that the beetles would be a good name for their band. But since they wanted to stress the beat they spelled it The Beatles.

And now you know the rest of the story…..flip

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